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Dr. Garage Door Repair
Thousand Oaks CA

Our garage repair business Dr. Garage Door Repair Thousand Oaks, CA was started over 10 years ago with the only aim of being able to provide the best service for repairing the garage doors. It was only due to our hard work and the ability of providing on-time service that the people of this region trust us. Since then we have never looked back and have successfully managed to establish our name in the field of garage repair in Thousand Oaks, CA.

The luck has favored us because the best of the technicians are a part of our team. They all are highly trained and have a great experience in repairing garage professionally as they have been doing this work for several years now. Our technicians have the ability to figure out the problems and their causes in the garage doors and come up with fixes instantly. These problem fixes are according to the customers. If you have problems in the doors of your garage too then you can contact us for the best service in Thousand Oaks.



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Do you think your garage door needs repair? Then call us at (805) 416-2403. We provide you all types of garage door repairs and we can repair all types of garage doors from any manufacturers. We have certified garage door repair service department that takes care of your garage door problems. We can repair broken door springs, garage door off track problem, broken cables, broken door panels, motion sensors, broken rollers and many more. Give us a call and our technicians will come to your rescue. We also give evaluations and estimations on repair for free of charge.

If you are looking for a new garage door then come to Dr. Garage door repair Thousand Oaks. We have a great selection of garage doors. We install all types of garage doors made by all popular manufacturers. We work with garage doors manufactured by Amarr, 1st United Garage Doors, and CHI Garage Doors and more. With many options provided for you, you can select a garage door that suits your property. We also help you to choose other garage door accessories like panels, and others. We have steel garage doors, wooden garage doors, vinyl garage doors and many more. Call us for more details.

Some of our Services:

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Thousand Oaks The spring is the most important thing that helps the garage door to open and close. If due to continuous use the spring becomes damaged then you must call our technicians who can repair garage door spring in Thousand Oaks. It is only the spring that is responsible for the leveraging the door while opening and lowering it down smoothly without letting a free fall during the closure of the garage doors. These springs may get stretched and many a time may break due to fatigue. This should be avoided at any cost by having the spring replaced regularly.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair Thousand Oaks We are providing door opener repair services to all houses and businesses in thousand oaks and nearby areas. Call us today and get all details on the services we offer. We will take care of your garage door opener problems, door carriage problems, door motor repair problems. We can fix almost anything.

We recommend you to tell us how old your garage door is. Knowing how old your garage door is will help us determine whether you can repair it or we should replace it. Some older model garage doors do not have any parts available in the market. A garage door should not be more than 15 years old. If it’s more than that, then you have to replace it with a new one.

A garage door opener can fail due to many reasons. One common reason is the malfunctioning. But we can do all types of repairs at affordable prices.

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage Door Roller Repair Thousand Oaks The garage door roller problem can be noticed when the door is making noise or taking hard time to open or close. The garage door rollers work for 6-7 years. After that period you need to change them. Regular maintenance can prolong the period.

The door rollers are used to keep the door in line and reduce the unnecessary friction on the track. Servicing the door regularly will help the roller to work for long periods of time. Replacing the door rollers is difficult and not recommended to attempt by an inexperienced one. Call us to book an appointment and we will install a new roller or repair the old ones.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair Thousand Oaks When it comes to garage doors the cables form an integral part of these security measures and also help in keeping the door at a fixed position. When the door is on these tracks, it can move smoothly and also remain in an upright position. If you find your door has become distorted in shape suddenly and get the garage cable repair in Thousand Oaks by giving us a call at once. The technicians from our repair centre will come to your place and fix the door again on the tracks.

Garage Door Panel Repair

Garage Door Panel Repair Thousand Oaks Another common problem is bracket problems. These problems cause panels to bend and crunch. We have been seeing these kind of problems since 1990 and we are experienced in solving these problems. The problem is more avoidable when the owner notices it before the damage of panels. Get the bracket serviced by our experienced technicians at reasonable price. We provide maintenance like oiling or lubricating, adjusting the brackets so that future damage is prevented.

The garage door torsion spring breakage also causes the panels to break or crack. The torsion spring problem develops lots of pressure on the door thus causing the panels to bend or crush. These are unavoidable situations and when these types of situations arise, call us to get new panels installed in your door.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Garage Door Sensor Repair Thousand Oaks If you are facing problems with your garage door sensors, then do not neglect them. The best way to detect your garage door sensor problems is when you inspect them. You can notice a sensor light blinking. This is the indication of a problem. This problem can arise due to dust blockage or broken, worn out sensors. You need to allow an expert to look out for the sensor problem.

There are some common symptoms for a broken sensor. One of them is when the remote control does not close the door. In order to open the door you need to press the button on the wall. This is the only way to open or close your garage door when there is a sensor problem. Call us at any time and we will come to your rescue. We offer services 24/7.

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