Garage Door CablesGarage Door Cables

Cables are vital for a garage door to work accordingly. Garage door cables are important, if not the most important piece of the garage door puzzle. Despite being such a small part, a cable is essential for a safe and properly working garage. Here is everything you need to know.

Why Do I Need Garage Door Cables?

Imagine a garage door violently shaking and falling full force on your car, or even worse, on you. In other words, that is the last thing you want happening, and cables are in place to prevent such an incident. For instance, if the garage door springs break, then the only available back up are the cables. Having a cable running through the spring will prevent it from recoiling and allows it to drop harmlessly.

How Do I Fix My Garage Door Cables?

Eventually cables will break due to long-term use. Here are the steps to fix your broken garage door cables:

  1. Buy yourself new cables at a local warehouse store.
  2. Get the springs and release their tension.
  3. Fully open your garage door and put some c-clamps on the track so the garage door doesn’t slide down.
  4. Unlatch the springs, replace the old cables with the new and then latch the springs back up.
  5. Stay clear of the door and try to open it with your remote or push button.

All these steps insure properly installed cables. Of course, we recommend this job be done by a professional technician, but if you are able, then all power to you. Above all, please always take precaution and be aware of your surroundings, safety is key.

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